RTKL’s Performance Driven Design: Lessons Learned from the Commercial Practice

Apr 06, 2015

Performance-Driven Design (SM) (PDD) is a branded initiative that strives to improve the value of the built environment. It applies the greatest available intelligence to create compelling design with measurable benefits. This paper describes the implementation of Performance-Driven Design in RTKL’s commercial practice of the Los Angeles office. Because the commercial practice is very fast paced and developer and market driven, there are more obstacles to implementing sustainable design in projects. The practice group has developed different techniques to facilitate the implementation of sustainable design in these different environments and scales.

keywords: Performance Driven Design, Simulation Tools

Pablo La Roche (RTKL Associates)
Presented at: 
ARCC 2015 Conference – The FUTURE of Architectural Research (Chicago, IL)
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC)
University of Massachusetts Amherst

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