Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc. (ARCC)

The Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc. (ARCC) is an international association of architectural research centers committed to the expansion of the research culture and a supporting infrastructure in architecture and related design disciplines. Since its founding as a non-profit corporation in 1976, ARCC has represented a concerted commitment to the improvement of the physical environment and the quality of life.

Historically, ARCC's members have been schools of architecture who have made substantial commitments to architectural research, often by forming centers directed to research programs. At the same time, ARCC has sponsored many projects, conferences, and other activities involving the broader architectural research community, including industrial laboratories, government agencies, and private practitioners engaged in research. For more information, visit

Research Submitted

Titlesort descending Author Date
Practical Energy and Cost Optimization Methods for Selecting Massing, Materials, and Technologies Sandeep Ahuja (Georgia Institute of Technology), Patrick Chopson (Georgia Institute of Technology), John Haymaker (Georgia Institute of Technology), Godfried Augenbroe (Georgia Institute of Technology) Apr 06, 2015
Practical Research Is an Ongoing Discourse of Uncertainty David Perkes (Mississippi State University), Kristen Zeiber (Mississippi State University) Jun 23, 2010
Preparing for a Swedish Papy Boom: On Aging as a Concept in a Design Process Jonas E. Andersson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden) Jun 23, 2010
Privacy, Security and Dignity: POE of Safe Haven Dorm Partition Environment David Kratzer (Philadelphia University) Feb 12, 2014
Private Space / Public Space – Questions of Scale Henrik Oxvig (Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Denmark) Jun 23, 2010
Quantifying the Impact of Passive Design on High-rise Buildings Mohamed A. M. Krem (Al-Mergeb University, Al-Khoms, Libya), Simi T. Hoque (UMass-Amherst), Sanjay R. Arwade (UMass-Amherst) Apr 06, 2015
Questioning Sustainability: A Transformative Approach to Human Resettlement James P. Miller (University of Oregon) Jun 14, 2017
Questioning the Role of Online Education in the Architectural Design Studio Craig Griffen (Philadelphia University) Apr 06, 2015
Questionnaire Survey on Factors Influencing Occupants’ Overall Satisfaction on Different Office Layout in a Mixed-Humid Climate Armin Amirazar (University North Carolina at Charlotte), Mona Azarbayjani (University North Carolina at Charlotte), Julia Day (Kansas State University), Elizabeth Thariyan (University North Carolina at Charlotte), Elizabeth Stearns (University North Carolina at Charlotte), Dale Brentrup (University North Carolina at Charlotte) Jun 14, 2017
R.A.W.: Social and Economic Complexity in Wilmore, NC Chris Jarrett (University of North Carolina Charlotte), Peter Wong (University of North Carolina Charlotte) Jun 14, 2017