The Center for Health Design

The Center for Health Design (CHD) is a nonprofit organization that engages and supports professionals and organizations in the healthcare, construction, and design industry to improve the quality of healthcare facilities and create new environments for healthy aging. CHD’s mission is to transform healthcare environments for a healthier, safer world through design research, education, and advocacy. The Knowledge Repository, found on the Center's web site, is a complete source of EBD research with key point summaries being added monthly. For more information, visit

Research Submitted

Title Author Datesort descending
Design Evaluation of 6 Primary Care Facilities for the Purpose of Informing Future Design Decisions Min Kantrowitz & Associates Jan 01, 1993
Guide to Conducting Healthcare Facility Visits Craig Zimring, Ph.D. Jan 01, 1994
Gardens in Healthcare Facilities: Uses, Therapeutic Benefits, and Design Recommendations Clare Cooper Marcus, MA, MCP, Marni Barnes, MLA, LCSW Jan 01, 1995
Consumer Perceptions of the Healthcare Environment: An Investigation to Determine What Matters The Picker Institute Jan 01, 1995
Investigation to Determine Whether the Built Environment Affects Patients' Medical Outcomes Haya R. Rubin, MD, PhD, Amanda J. Owens, JD, Greta Golden Jan 01, 1998
Nature and Rate of Change in Clinical Laboratories Dina Battisto, David Allison Nov 01, 2002
Color In Healthcare Environments Ruth Brent Tofle, Ph.D. , Benyamin Schwarz, Ph.D., So-Yeon Yoon, MA , Andrea Max-Royale, M.E.Des Jul 01, 2004
Role of the Physical Environment in the Hospital of the 21st Century Roger Ulrich, Xiaobo Quan, Craig Zimring, Anjali Joseph, Ruchi Choudhary Sep 01, 2004
Use of Single Patient Rooms versus Multiple Occupancy Rooms in Acute Care Environments Habib Chaudhury, Atiya Mahmood , Maria Valente Jan 01, 2005
Preventative Medicine for the Environment: Developing and Implementing Environmental Programs that Work Laura Brannen Jan 01, 2005