National Institute of Building Sciences

The National Institute of Building Sciences is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that successfully brings together representatives of government, the professions, industry, labor and consumer interests, and regulatory agencies to focus on the identification and resolution of problems and potential problems that hamper the construction of safe, affordable structures for housing, commerce and industry throughout the United States. Authorized by the U.S. Congress, the Institute provides an authoritative source and a unique opportunity for free and candid discussion among private and public sectors within the built environment. The Institute's mission to serve the public interest is accomplished by supporting advances in building sciences and technologies for the purpose of improving the performance of our nation's buildings while reducing waste and conserving energy and resources. For more information visit

Research Submitted

Titlesort descending Author Date
The Role of High-Complexity Low-Resolution (HCLR) Performance Modeling in the Development of Dynamic Building Envelopes TIm Frank, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, SPSU , Chip Clark, Research Assistant Professor, School of Architecture + Design, Virginia Tech Apr 13, 2015
The Role of the Building Façade – Curtain Walls Dudley McFarquhar, PhD, PE (McFarquhar Group Inc.) Apr 02, 2012
The Status of BIM Application in China’s AEC Industry By Wu Wu Wei, The University of Florida, Raja R.A. Issa, Ph.D., J.D., P.E., Professor, The University of Florida, Jiayi Pan, Tsinghua University, People’s Republic of China Oct 01, 2010
The Truth is Out There: Efficiency and Iconic Architecture Can Co-Exist Joseph Lstiburek, PhD, P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow (Building Sciences Inc.) Jan 01, 2013
The Ultimate Envelope – Honest, Effective AND Affordable Keirnyn Ross (Steven Winter Associates), Marc Zuluaga (Steven Winter Associates), Mike Khazzam (Steven Winter Associates) Apr 12, 2010
The Unmistakable Benefits of BIM Enhanced With PIM Bob Batcheler, Vice President of Industry Marketing, Newforma, Allen Preger, Chief Product Officer, Newforma Apr 01, 2011
The Wave of the Future: AEC gTLD David E. Ways, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP , DotBim LLP Apr 01, 2011
Thermal and Energy Performance of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (aac) Nitin Shukla, Fraunhofer, Diane Elliott, Franhoufer, Bryan Urban, Fraunhofer, Ali Fallahi, Fraunhofer, Jan Kosny, Fraunhofer Apr 13, 2015
Thermal and Hygrothermal Analysis in Building Envelope Commissioning Philip Parker, P. Eng, MRICS, (Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.), Cara Lozinsky, University of British Columbia Apr 10, 2010
Thermal and Hygrothermal Performance of Ventilated Attics With and Without Breathable Underlayments Sudhir Railkar, Ph.D. GAF, Adem Chich, GAF, Ming Shiaio, Ph.D., GAF, Andre Desjarlais, ORNL, William Miller, Ph.D. , ORNL Apr 13, 2015