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Lighting performance entails balancing visual comfort for all users with energy efficiency.

Title Datesort ascending Author
A Research-Based Environment: A NICU That Feels Like Home Oct 01, 1998 Susan T. Williams, AIA (E. Lynn App Architects, Inc.), Cynthia A. Burger, RN, BSN (The Children's Medical Center, Dayton, OH)
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Nondiffuse Radiative Transfer 2: Planar Area Sources and Receivers Jul 01, 1996 David L. DiLaura
Modeling Skylight Angular Luminance Distribution from Routine Irradiance Measurements Jan 01, 1993 R. Perez, R. Seals, J. Michalsky
Halogen-IR Lamp Development: A System Approach Jul 01, 1991 R. S. Bergman
Second-Level Post-Occupancy Evaluation Analysis Jul 01, 1990 Belinda L. Collins, PhD, Will Fisher, Gary Gillette, Robert W. Marans, PhD
Application Distance Photometry Jan 01, 1990 Steve Stannard, John Brass
On Near-Field Photometry Jul 01, 1987 P. Y. Ngai
Pupillary Size Differences under Incandescent and High-Pressure Sodium Lamps Jan 01, 1987 S. M. Berman, D. L. Jewett, L. R. Bingham, R. M. Nahass, F. Perry, G. Fein
Toward a Model of Visual Performance: Foundations and Data Jul 01, 1986 Mark S. Rea
A General Illuminance Model for Daylight Availability Jul 01, 1984 Gary Gillette, William Pierpoint, Stephen Treado
The Photometric Connection - Part 4 Dec 01, 1982 Robert E. Levin
The Photometric Connection - Part 3 Nov 01, 1982 Robert E. Levin
The Photometric Connection - Part 2 Oct 01, 1982 Robert E. Levin
The Photometric Connection - Part 1 Sep 01, 1982 Robert E. Levin
Compact Fluorescent Lamps Jul 01, 1982 A. Bouwknegt
A Guide to Methodology Procedures for Measuring Subjective Impressions in Lighting Jan 01, 1979 John E. Flynn, AIA/FIES, Clyde Hendrick, Terry Spencer, Osyp Martyniuk
A Procedure for Calculating the Potential Savings in Lighting Energy from the Use of Skylights Jul 01, 1977 Joseph B. Murdoch
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A New Approach to Lighting System Control Oct 01, 1976 T. K. McGowan, G. E. Feiker
A Field Evaluation of Pavement Luminance and Glaremark Oct 01, 1975 Merle E. Keck, Herbert A. Odle
On the Computation of Equivalent Sphere Illumination Jan 01, 1975 David L. DiLaura
The Movement of People Toward Lights Apr 01, 1974 Lyle H. Taylor, Eugene W. Socov
Interim Study of Procedures for Investigating the Effect of Light on Impression and Behavior Oct 01, 1973 John E. Flynn, Terry J. Spencer, Osyp Martyniuk, Clyde Hendrick