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Design Issues cover research projects that pertain to the art and science of creating and sustaining the built environment and include case studies of projects.

Title Datesort descending Author
Highway Lighting Without Glare - A New Lighting Technique Jan 01, 1959 W. M. Waldbaurer
A Versatile Method of Calculating Illumination and Brightness Feb 01, 1959 B. F. Jones, J. R. Jones
Development and Use of a Quantitative Method for Specification of Interior Illumination Levels on the Basis of Performance Data Jun 01, 1959 H. Richard Blackwell
An Iodine Incandescent Lamp with Virtually 100 Percent Lumen Maintenance Dec 01, 1959 E. G. Zubler, F. A. Mosby
Roadway Brightness and Illumination as Related to Luminaire Distributions Apr 01, 1961 Arthur W. Fowle, Richard L. Kaercher
Visual Problems in Streets and Motorways May 01, 1962 J. M. Waldram
Accurate Maintenance Factors Mar 01, 1963 Francis Clark
Fluorescent Lamp Dimming with Semiconductors Apr 01, 1963 E. E. von Zastrow
Lamps with Multilayer Interference-Film Reflectors May 01, 1963 E. M. Beesley, A. Makulec, H. H. Schroeder
Visual Performance Under Conditions of Transient Adaptation Aug 01, 1963 Robert M. Boynton, Norma D. Miller
A New Metal Halide Arc Lamp Feb 01, 1965 J. F. Waymouth, W. C. Gungle, J. M. Harris, F. Koury
Mathematical and Physical Bases for Incandescent Lamp Exponents Apr 01, 1965 David D. Van Horn
Derivation, Background and Use of the 'Scissors Curve' Jun 01, 1965 C. L. Crouch
High-Pressure Sodium Discharge Arc Lamps Dec 01, 1965 W. C. Louden, K. Schmidt
Accurate Maintenance Factors - Part Two (Luminaire Dirt Depreciation) Jan 01, 1966 Francis Clark
Computing Visual Comfort Ratings for a Specific Interior Lighting Installation Oct 01, 1966 Sylvester K. Guth
A Flattery Index for Artificial Illuminants Oct 01, 1967 Deane B. Judd
Visual Performance: A Comparison in Terms of Detection of Presence and Discrimination of Detail Jan 01, 1968 Sylvester K. Guth, John F. McNelis
Biological Implications of Artificial Illumination Oct 01, 1968 Richard J. Wurtman
Luminance Measurement by Photographic Photometry Nov 01, 1968 I. Lewin, W. B. Bell
Planning for Community Mental Health Centers: The Performance Approach Jan 01, 1969 Michael Brill (National Bureau of Standards), Richard Krauss (National Bureau of Standards)
Psychological Implications of Color and Illumination May 01, 1969 Faber Birren
AIA R/UDAT: Redmond, WA (1969) Oct 30, 1969 AIA Center for Communities by Design
AIA R/UDAT: Lynn, MA (1969) Dec 08, 1969 AIA Center for Communities by Design
An Information System for Component Building Jan 01, 1970 Theodore H. Myer (Bolt, Beranek & Newman Inc.)