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Title Datesort ascending Author
Metal Halide Lamps with Ceramic Envelopes: A Breakthrough in Color Control Jan 01, 1997 S. Carleton, P. A. Seinen, J. Stoffels
Halogen-IR Lamp Development: A System Approach Jul 01, 1991 R. S. Bergman
Compact Fluorescent Lamps Jul 01, 1982 A. Bouwknegt
Fluorescent Lamps with High Color-Discrimination Capability Oct 01, 1973 W. A. Thornton
High-Pressure Sodium Discharge Arc Lamps Dec 01, 1965 W. C. Louden, K. Schmidt
Mathematical and Physical Bases for Incandescent Lamp Exponents Apr 01, 1965 David D. Van Horn
A New Metal Halide Arc Lamp Feb 01, 1965 J. F. Waymouth, W. C. Gungle, J. M. Harris, F. Koury
Lamps with Multilayer Interference-Film Reflectors May 01, 1963 E. M. Beesley, A. Makulec, H. H. Schroeder
An Iodine Incandescent Lamp with Virtually 100 Percent Lumen Maintenance Dec 01, 1959 E. G. Zubler, F. A. Mosby
New Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Design for Rapid Starting Nov 01, 1952 A. E. Lemmers, W. W. Brooks
Characteristics of Fluorescent Lamps Jan 01, 1939 G. E. Inman
Characteristics of 400-Watt and 250-Watt Type H Mercury Lamps Jun 01, 1936 J. A. St. Louis
The Evolution of the Lamp Jan 01, 1914 Roscoe Scott