The Impact of Green Design on the Emotional Health of Patients in Children's Healthcare Facilities

May 01, 2013

This thesis explores the relationship between aspects of green design in children’s healthcare facilities and the resulting effects on the emotional health and wellbeing of patients. Using LEED 2009 for Healthcare New Construction and Major Renovations rating system as a standard of measure, this thesis specifically focuses on three credits within that rating system. Those three credits include Sustainable Sites Credit 9.1: Connection to the Natural World – Places of Respite, Sustainable Sites Credit 9.2: Connection to the Natural World – Direct Exterior Access for Patients and Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 2: Acoustic Environment. By examining these three specific credits within children’s healthcare environments, this thesis studys how the built environment affects the emotional health and wellbeing of patients.

Kimberly M. Riege
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Interior Design Program: Thesis
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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