Method for Estimating Energy Use Intensity Based on Building Facade

Apr 06, 2015

In this research, a vision-based performance prediction model was developed to estimate building energy consumption based on simplified façade attribute information and weather conditions. Building façade features, including shading, window-to-wall ratio, orientation, surface-to-volume ratio, were collected along with the energy performance records from the New York City building energy benchmarking database. Based on this training dataset, a prediction model was established to estimate annual energy use. The developed estimation model adopted architectural physical attributes and their dynamic ambient environmental conditions as input variables.

keywords: Energy Use Intensity (EUI), Baseline Model, Regression, Façade Features

Chao Yang (University of Southern California)
Joon-Ho Choi (University of Southern California)
Douglas Noble (University of Southern California)
Marc Schiler (University of Southern California)
Presented at: 
ARCC 2015 Conference – The FUTURE of Architectural Research (Chicago, IL)
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC)
University of Massachusetts Amherst

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