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Research Submitted

Title Author Datesort ascending
An Empirical Examination of Patient Room Handedness in Acute Medical-Surgical Settings Debajyoti Pati, Thomas Harvey, Jennie Evans, Carolyn Cason Jan 08, 2013
Room Handedness: Patient Room Layout in Acute Inpatient Care Debajyoti Pati, PhD, Thomas Harvey, Jennie Evans, Carolyn Cason Jan 08, 2013
Influence of Positive Distractions on Children's in Two Clinic Waiting Areas Debajyoti Pati, Upali Nanda Jan 08, 2013
The Houston Medical Center Bed Tower: Quality and the Built Environment Debajyoti Pati, PhD Jan 08, 2013
The Research-Design Interaction: Lessons Learned from an Evidence-Based Design Studio Saif Haq, Debajyoti Pati Jan 08, 2013
Occupants' Perception of Openness in Federal Courthouses Debajyoti Pati, Mahbub Rashid, Craig Zimring Jan 08, 2013
A Framework for Evaluating Evidence in Evidence-Based Design Debajyoti Pati, PhD Jun 01, 2011
Airborne Contamination Control through Directed Airflow in the Exam Room: A Pilot Study Using a Membrane Diffuser Debajyoti Pati (HKS Architects), Michael P. Pietrzak (HKS Architects), David Duthu (CCRD Partners), Ting-Kwo George Lei (Fluid Dynamics Solutions, Inc.), David Vincent (HKS Architects), Tom Franklin (CCRD Partners), Thomas E. Harvey, Jr. (HKS Architects), Troy Ransdell (HKS Architects) Mar 01, 2011
Optimizing Operations While Promoting Healing Thomas Harvey, Terry Ritchey, Debajyoti Pati Dec 31, 2010
Positive Distractions Debajyoti Pati Dec 31, 2010