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Title Datesort ascending Author
A Flattery Index for Artificial Illuminants Oct 01, 1967 Deane B. Judd
Accurate Maintenance Factors - Part Two (Luminaire Dirt Depreciation) Jan 01, 1966 Francis Clark
High-Pressure Sodium Discharge Arc Lamps Dec 01, 1965 W. C. Louden, K. Schmidt
Mathematical and Physical Bases for Incandescent Lamp Exponents Apr 01, 1965 David D. Van Horn
Visual Performance Under Conditions of Transient Adaptation Aug 01, 1963 Robert M. Boynton, Norma D. Miller
Lamps with Multilayer Interference-Film Reflectors May 01, 1963 E. M. Beesley, A. Makulec, H. H. Schroeder
Fluorescent Lamp Dimming with Semiconductors Apr 01, 1963 E. E. von Zastrow
Accurate Maintenance Factors Mar 01, 1963 Francis Clark
Roadway Brightness and Illumination as Related to Luminaire Distributions Apr 01, 1961 Arthur W. Fowle, Richard L. Kaercher
Development and Use of a Quantitative Method for Specification of Interior Illumination Levels on the Basis of Performance Data Jun 01, 1959 H. Richard Blackwell
Assessment of Brightness Apr 01, 1957 R. G. Hopkinson
Some Factors Influencing the Night Visibility of Roadway Obstacles Mar 06, 1957 D. M. Finch
Specification of Color-Rendering Properties of Fluorescent Lamps May 01, 1953 Charles W. Jerome, Deane B. Judd
A Lumen Method of Daylighting Design Jan 01, 1953 R. L. Biesele, Jr., W. J. Arner, E. W. Conover
Brightness Discrimination Data for the Specification of Quantity of Illumination Nov 01, 1952 H. Richard Blackwell
A New Scale of Relative Footcandles for the Luckiesh-Moss Visibility Meter Apr 01, 1950 Matthew Luckiesh, S. K. Guth, A. A. Eastman
The Calculation of Illumination from Sun and Sky Apr 01, 1940 E. Elvegard, G. Sjostedt
Characteristics of 400-Watt and 250-Watt Type H Mercury Lamps Jun 01, 1936 J. A. St. Louis
Luminous Efficiency Feb 01, 1910 Herbert E. Ives
Illumination of The Engineering Societies Building, New York Jul 01, 1907 C. E. Knox