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Healthcare Facilities range from clinics to hospitals.

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Influence of Positive Distractions on Children's in Two Clinic Waiting Areas Jan 08, 2013 Debajyoti Pati, Upali Nanda
Inpatient Unit Design: Defining the Design Characteristics of a Successful Adaptable Unit Dec 01, 2008 Thomas Harvey, Debajyoti Pati, Jennie Evans, Laurie Waggener, Carolyn Cason
Inpatient Unit Design: Defining the Design Characteristics of a Successful Adaptable Unit Dec 10, 2008 Thomas E. Harvey Jr. (HKS, Inc.), Debajyoti Pati (HKS, Inc.), Jennie Evans (HKS, Inc.), Laurie T. Waggener (HKS, Inc.), Carolyn L. Cason (University of Texas at Arlington)
Inpatient Unit Flexibility: Design Characteristics of a Successful Flexible Unit Dec 31, 2009 Debajyoti Pati, Thomas Harvey
Integrated Patient Entertainment: Positive Reaction to a Positive Distraction Dec 11, 2013 Rachel Windham
Integrating Formalized User Experience within Building Design Models Dec 31, 2007 Debajyoti Pati, Godfried Augenbroe
Integrating Human Centered Design Principals in Progressive Health Facilities Jul 01, 2000 Jeff Stouffer, AIA
Interdisciplinary Training in Medical Simulation Jan 20, 2014 Brenda Smith, RID, IIDA, LEED AP (Perkins+Will)
Labor-Delivery-Recovery Room Design that Facilitates Non-pharmacological Reduction of Labor Pain May 21, 2014 Shannon Gedey, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP BD+C (Perkins+Will)
Leading Techniques for Energy Savings in Healthcare Facilities Aug 01, 2006 Schneider Electric
Lighting and Color for Hospital Design Jan 01, 2004 Hilary Dalke, London South Bank University, Paul J. Littlefair, London South Bank University, David L. Loe, London South Bank University, N. Camgoz, London South Bank University
Limiting the Spread of Infection in the Health Care Environment Apr 01, 2007 Mary G. Lankford, Susan Collins, Larry Youngberg, Denise M. Rooney, John R. Warren, Gary A. Noskin
Linking Programming, Design and Post Occupancy Evaluation: A Primary Care Clinic Case Study Mar 27, 2013 Dina Battisto (Clemson University), Deborah Franqui (Clemson University)
Luminous Efficiency Feb 01, 1910 Herbert E. Ives
Making Room for Isolation Patients Jun 10, 2015 Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
Managing Change: The Application of Open Building in the INO Bern Hospital Jul 01, 2005 Stephen Kendall, PhD, RA (Ball State University)
Master Planning Wellness into Healthcare Campuses May 18, 2015 Tatiana Guimaraes
Meaningful Healthcare Planning: A New Era for Needs Analysis Plus Creative Design Nov 15, 2013 James G. Easter, Jr., Assoc. AIA, FAAMA
Medical Facility Planning 101: A Primer for Administrators and Others Oct 01, 2006 Donald C. Axon, FAIA, FACHA, FHFI, FRSH
Medical Simulation: Designing for the Future? Sep 01, 2008 Ann Kenyon, AIA, LEED AP, Molly McFarland
Mercy Emergency North / Mercy Clinic North : A Whole Building Design Guide Case Study Jul 03, 2017 Whole Building Design Guide, a program of the National Institute of Building Sciences
Moving from Volume-Based to Value Based Care…Are You Ready? Nov 15, 2013 Thomas Reuter, AIA, Gerald Puchlik, AIA, ACHA
Moving towards a New Vision for Healthcare: The McGill University Health Centre, Montreal Jul 01, 2000 Donna Riley, Nicolas Steinmetz
Natural Ventilation for the Prevention of Airborne Contagion Feb 27, 2007 A. Roderick Escombe , Clarissa C Oeser, Robert H Gilman, Marcos Navincopa, Eduardo Ticona, William P
Natural Ventilation in Hospitals Jul 01, 2002 Maria Lejsgaard Myrup, Jesper Lundgard Olesen