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Healthcare Facilities range from clinics to hospitals.

Title Datesort descending Author
Transforming a 1950's Hospital with the Health Gardens Planning Concept Jul 01, 2003 Susan Black
From Visions to Plans and Physical Environments: Designing Hospitals from a Patient Perspective Jul 01, 2003 Ragnhild Aslaksen
Planning of the Pre-Concept Architectural Design for the McGill University Health Centre, Montreal Jul 01, 2003 Robert A. Hamilton
Enshrining Humanistic Design in the Project Plan Jul 01, 2003 Ian M. Sinclair
Nursing Unit Configuration and Its Relationship to Noise and Nurse Walking Behavior: An AIDS/HIV Unit Case Study Oct 01, 2003 Mardelle McCuskey Shepley, AIA (College of Architecture, Texas A&M University), Kimberly Davies
A Single-Room NICU-The Next Generation Evolution in the Design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units Oct 01, 2003 Naresh S. Mathur, AIA (HKS Inc.)
The Effects of Combined Imaging Technology on Healthcare Planning and Design Oct 01, 2003 C. Wayne Hibbs, CCE (Continuum Solutions Consulting), Gary L. Vance, AIA, ACHA
Concepts in Flexibility in Healthcare Facility Planning, Design, and Construction Oct 01, 2003 Tannis Chefurka (RPG-Resource Planning Group Inc.), Faith Nesdoly, John Christie (Parkin Architects)
Centers of Excellence: Research-Based Design for Discovery and Cure Oct 01, 2003 Jan L. Bishop, AIA
The Clinical Learning and Research Center: An Interdisciplinary, Design-Based Research Project for a Simulated Clinical Oct 01, 2003 Dina Battisto, Assoc. AIA (School of Architecture, Clemson University), David Allison, AIA, Yukari Oka
Lighting and Color for Hospital Design Jan 01, 2004 Hilary Dalke, London South Bank University, Paul J. Littlefair, London South Bank University, David L. Loe, London South Bank University, N. Camgoz, London South Bank University
Role Of The Physical Environment In The Hospital Of The 21st Century Jan 01, 2004 Roger Ulrich, Craig Zimring, Xiaobo Quan, Anjali Joseph, and Ruchi Choudhary
Color In Healthcare Environments Jul 01, 2004 Ruth Brent Tofle, Ph.D. , Benyamin Schwarz, Ph.D., So-Yeon Yoon, MA , Andrea Max-Royale, M.E.Des
Role of the Physical Environment in the Hospital of the 21st Century Sep 01, 2004 Roger Ulrich, Xiaobo Quan, Craig Zimring, Anjali Joseph, Ruchi Choudhary
Emerging From the Twilight Zone: Planning for Future Technology During Renovation Oct 01, 2004 M. Terry Miller, EE (Gene Burton & Associates)
Evolutionary Psychology and Workplace Design: Doing What Comes Naturally Oct 01, 2004 Debra Wierenga, Betty Hase (Herman Miller Inc.), Roger B. Call, AIA, ACHA (Herman Miller for Healthcare)
Bringing Metrics to the Table: Advancing the Metrics Trend to Planning, Design, and Construction Oct 01, 2004 Gary L. Vance, AIA, ACHA (LifeStructures), Marlie Eckelman, BSA
Open Building: A New Paradigm in Hospital Architecture Oct 01, 2004 Stephen Kendall, PhD, RA (Building Futures Institute, Ball State University)
Healing Spaces: Elements of Environmental Design That Make an Impact on Health Oct 22, 2004 Marc Schweitzer, M.Arch. Laura Gilpin, M.F.A., R.N. Susan Frampton, Ph.D.
Color Design in Healthcare Environments: Theoretical Observations Jan 01, 2005 Benyamin Schwarz (University of Missouri), Ruth Brent Tofle (University of Missouri)
Use of Single Patient Rooms versus Multiple Occupancy Rooms in Acute Care Environments Jan 01, 2005 Habib Chaudhury, Atiya Mahmood , Maria Valente
Environmental Evaluation of Three Different Waiting Rooms in a Mexican Hospital Jan 01, 2005 Patricia Ortega-Andeane (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Cesáreo Estrada-Rodríguez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Preventative Medicine for the Environment: Developing and Implementing Environmental Programs that Work Jan 01, 2005 Laura Brannen
Project profile: Austin Resource Center for the Homeless Apr 30, 2005 AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE)
Efficient Office Design for a Successful Practice May 01, 2005 Jon E. Wells, MBA