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Design Issues cover research projects that pertain to the art and science of creating and sustaining the built environment and include case studies of projects.

Title Datesort ascending Author
Mapping the Built Environment Process (BEP) Ecosystem via a Data to Knowledge Framework Oct 02, 2020 Naomi Keena (Yale University), Anna Dyson (Yale University), Mohamed Aly Etman (Yale University)
PULP: Research and Experimentation in Biodegradable Thin Shell Structures Oct 02, 2020 Stephanie Davidson (Ryerson University)
Re-Tagging Oct 02, 2020 Brittany Utting (Rice University), Daniel Jacobs (University of Michigan)
Tall Wood, Thin Concrete: Digitally Drafting and Crafting in UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) and Mass Timber Oct 02, 2020 Jerry Hacker (Carleton University), Sheryl Boyle (Carleton University)
Surf and Turf: Integrating Resilient Design Early in the Curriculum Oct 02, 2020 Craig Griffin (Thomas Jefferson University)
Low-Carbon Concrete Construction: The Past, Present, and Future of Concrete Design in India Oct 02, 2020 Mohamed A. Ismail (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Caitlin T. Mueller (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Informed Forms: Introducing Climate Response into the Early Design Studio Oct 02, 2020 James Leach (University of Detroit Mercy), Kristin Nelson (University of Detroit Mercy)
RhinoCircular: Development and Testing of a Circularity Indicator Tool for Application in Early Design Phases and Architectural Education Oct 02, 2020 Felix Heisel (Cornell University), Cameron Nelson (Cornell University)
Carbon Denominators Oct 02, 2020 David Fannon (Northeastern University), Michelle Laboy (Northeastern University)
Local Materials Matter Oct 02, 2020 Edward Becker (Virginia Tech)
In Practice: Operationalizing Life Cycle Assessment for Design Teams Oct 02, 2020 Alex Ianchenko (The Miller Hull Partnership), Brie Jones (The Miller Hull Partnership)
Wood+: Strategies for a Material Shift in Architectural Design Oct 02, 2020 Carolina Manrique Hoyos (University of Idaho), Bruce Haglund (University of Idaho)
Defining the “Smart” Energy Retrofit Oct 02, 2020 Elaine Hoffman (Goody Clancy), Lori Ferris (Goody Clancy)
Incremental Development Manual: The Ger Innovation Hub, Mongolia Oct 02, 2020 Joshua Bolchover (The University of Hong Kong)
Building-Integrated Carbon Sequestration Techniques: Towards Mitigating Climate Change Oct 02, 2020 Jayati Chhabra (Georgia Institute of Technology), Tarek Rakha (Georgia Institute of Technology)
From Carbon to Human Health: Lifecycle of Fossil Fuels, Toxic Polymers and Social Justice in Philadelphia Oct 02, 2020 Franca Trubiano (University of Pennsylvania)
Does EUI Fully Capture the Carbon Footprint of a VRF System? Oct 02, 2020 Vicki Rybl (University of Washington)
Designing for Irradiated Shade Oct 02, 2020 Stephen Mueller (Texas Tech University)
Designing for Sustainable and Resilient Neighborhoods: The Case of Peacock Park in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Oct 02, 2020 Ruben Garcia-Rubio (Tulane University), Taylor Scott (Tulane University)
A Novel Approach for Investigating Canopy Heat Island Effects on Building Energy Performance: A Case Study of Center City of Philadelphia, PA Oct 02, 2020 Farzad Hashemi (The Pennsylvania State University), Lisa Domenica Iulo (The Pennsylvania State University), Ute Poerschke (The Pennsylvania State University)
The Footprint of Tight: Hinterlands, Landscape and Dense Cities Oct 02, 2020 John Doyle (RMIT University), Graham Crist (RMIT University)
An Ectothermic Approach to Heating and Cooling in Buildings Oct 02, 2020 Alexandros Tsamis (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Theodorian Borca-Tascuic (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Youngjin Hwang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Reducing Carbon and Improving Thermal Comfort for an Orphan Village in Rural Liberia Oct 02, 2020 Joshua D. Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), Leila Sai Srinivasan (AECOM)
The New Normals: Architecture Under Climate Change Uncertainty Oct 02, 2020 Justin McCarty (The University of British Columbia), Adam Rysanek (The University of British Columbia)
The Low-Carbon Life: The Pandemic and the Ponzi Scheme Oct 02, 2020 Thomas Fisher (University of Minnesota)