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Design Issues cover research projects that pertain to the art and science of creating and sustaining the built environment and include case studies of projects.

Title Datesort descending Author
Characteristics of 400-Watt and 250-Watt Type H Mercury Lamps Jun 01, 1936 J. A. St. Louis
New Color Corrected Photronic Cells for Accurate Light Measurements Sep 01, 1936 Marlin E. Fogle
Characteristics of Fluorescent Lamps Jan 01, 1939 G. E. Inman
The Calculation of Illumination from Sun and Sky Apr 01, 1940 E. Elvegard, G. Sjostedt
The Illuminant in Color Matching and Discrimination Mar 01, 1941 Dorothy Nickerson
Glare Ratings Sep 01, 1945 Ward Harrison
Light Flux Distribution in a Rectangular Parallelepiped and its Simplifying Scale Mar 01, 1946 Kiyosi Hisano
Luminous-Ceiling Lighting Aug 01, 1949 Parry Moon, Domina Eberle Spencer
Brightness in Visual Field at Borderline Between Comfort and Discomfort (BDC) Nov 01, 1949 Matthew Luckiesh, Sylvester K. Guth
A New Scale of Relative Footcandles for the Luckiesh-Moss Visibility Meter Apr 01, 1950 Matthew Luckiesh, S. K. Guth, A. A. Eastman
Coefficients of Utilization for Luminaires with Concentrating Distributions Dec 01, 1951 J. R. Jones, John J. Neidhart
Fundamentals of Lighting Cost Analysis May 01, 1952 A. C. Barr, C. L. Amick
Brightness Discrimination Data for the Specification of Quantity of Illumination Nov 01, 1952 H. Richard Blackwell
New Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Design for Rapid Starting Nov 01, 1952 A. E. Lemmers, W. W. Brooks
A Lumen Method of Daylighting Design Jan 01, 1953 R. L. Biesele, Jr., W. J. Arner, E. W. Conover
Specification of Color-Rendering Properties of Fluorescent Lamps May 01, 1953 Charles W. Jerome, Deane B. Judd
Dimming Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamps Jan 01, 1954 J. H. Campbell, H. E. Schultz, W. H. Abbott
Effect of a Peripheral Glare Source Upon the Apparent Brightness of an Object Jan 01, 1955 Glenn A. Fry, Mathew Alpern
Luminaire Light Distribution Principles Dec 01, 1955 Charles Rex
Some Factors Influencing the Night Visibility of Roadway Obstacles Mar 06, 1957 D. M. Finch
Assessment of Brightness Apr 01, 1957 R. G. Hopkinson
Evaluation of Glare Jun 01, 1957 R. G. Hopkinson
Computation of the Effective Intensity of Flashing Lights Dec 01, 1957 Charles A. Douglas
Measurement and Specification of Color Rendition Properties of Light Sources Feb 01, 1958 Dorothy Nickerson
Interreflections in Asymmetrical Rooms Mar 01, 1958 Philip F. O'Brien