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Design Issues cover research projects that pertain to the art and science of creating and sustaining the built environment and include case studies of projects.

Titlesort descending Date Author
The Influence of Visual Perception on Responses towards Real-World Environments and Application towards Design Sep 14, 2012 Vedran Dzebica, Justin S. Perdueb & Colin G. Ellarda
The Information Content of BIM: An Information Theory Analysis of Building Information Model (BIM) Content Dec 06, 2011 Mario Guttman, AIA, LEED AP (Perkins+Will)
The Inherent Risk of Going Green Apr 12, 2010 Graham Davis (IBACOS, Inc.)
The Integrated Approach: Cardiac Care as a Separate, but Integral Hospital Department Oct 01, 2001 Richard L. Miller, FAIA (Earl Swensson Associates), Harold D. Petty, AIA (Earl Swensson Associates), Sam W. Burnette, AIA (Earl Swensson Associates)
The Inter-Related Relationship between Thermal Comfort, Indoor Air Quality and Students’ Cognitive Performance Sep 18, 2014 Riham Ahmed (University College London)
The Interaction of Space with the Human Nervous System and Its Impact on Human Psychology Sep 20, 2012 Despoina Linaraki (Technical University of Crete), Georgia Voradaki (Technical University of Crete)
The Lighting of A Large Store Mar 01, 1911 Clarence L. Law, Albert Jackson Marshall
The Locksmith of Fascination: Resistance and Cognitive Stimulation in Architectural Space Sep 18, 2014 Daniel C Whittet, LEED AP BD&C EBOM, Assoc. AIA (AHA Consulting Engineers)
The Low-Carbon Life: The Pandemic and the Ponzi Scheme Oct 02, 2020 Thomas Fisher (University of Minnesota)
The Making of a Place – the Courtyard Sep 23, 2016 Ilaria Mazzoleni (IM Studio Milano/Los Angeles), Richard Molina (IM Studio Milano/Los Angeles)
The Master Plan of the Shanghai International Medical Zone Jul 01, 2005 Susan Black, Nadia Tobia
The Meaning and Perception of School Buildings Jan 01, 2001 Celen Pasalar (North Carolina University)
The Mind, Body and Spirit of the Healthcare Organization Jul 01, 2003 Annette Ridenour (Aesthetics, Inc.)
The Movement of People Toward Lights Apr 01, 1974 Lyle H. Taylor, Eugene W. Socov
The Neuroscience of Extraordinary Places: Examining Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China Sep 20, 2012 Eve A. Edelstein (Calit2, University of California San Diego; Innovative Design Science; NewSchool o, Mike Torrey (Mike Torrey Photography)
The New Factory, the New City, and an Expanded Idea of Urban Ecology Apr 06, 2015 Howard Davis (University of Oregon)
The New Green Field Hospital in Ontario Jul 01, 2005 Tye S. Farrow, M.Sc.Arch.
The New Medical Office Building: Seven Things to Know about Today’s Outpatient Clinic Sep 10, 2013 Julie Higginbotham
The New Normals: Architecture Under Climate Change Uncertainty Oct 02, 2020 Justin McCarty (The University of British Columbia), Adam Rysanek (The University of British Columbia)
The New Science of Seeing Jan 01, 1930 M. Luckiesh, F. K. Moss
The Next Generation of Operating Rooms Oct 01, 2005 Naresh S. Mathur, AIA (HKS Inc.)
The NFPA 285 Fire Test’s Impact On Architectural Design And Energy Performance Apr 13, 2015 Richard Keleher, AIA, Thompson & Lichter Company, Canton, MA
The Other Half of the Project: The Need for Labor Research in Architectural Theory and Pedagogy Jun 23, 2010 Sarah Roszler (Northeastern University)
The Peaceful Garden Oct 01, 2005 Dana Pulis (James G. Shepard, AIA, and Alan S. Godfrey, AIA, CTA Architects Engineers)
The Pedagogy of Place: A Practical Approach to Engaging with Urban Design Lessons beyond the Studio Jun 23, 2010 Saul Golden (University of Ulster)