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Design Issues cover research projects that pertain to the art and science of creating and sustaining the built environment and include case studies of projects.

Title Datesort descending Author
Domestic and Foreign Urban Continuing Care Retirement Communities of Today and Tomorrow Oct 01, 2000 Jae Seung Park, PhD, AIA (Department of Architecture, HanYang University, Seoul, Korea), Joseph G. Sprague, FAIA, FACHA (Director of Health Facilities, HKS, Inc.)
The First Dedicated Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Cairo, Egypt Oct 01, 2000 Association of Friends of the National Cancer Institute (AFNCI)
New Hospital on a New Site - Case Study for Universal Application: Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Oct 01, 2000 John E. Sealander, AIA (Bobrow/Thomas and Associates), Robert A. Cull, RA (Bobrow/Thomas and Associates), Michael L. Bobrow, FAIA (Bobrow/Thomas and Associates)
Designing for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy: A Case Study Oct 01, 2000 Judd Brasch, AIA (RSP Architects Ltd.), Bryan Gatzlaff, AIA (RSP Architects Ltd.), Kamil Ugurbil, PhD (Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota)
Planning a Nurse Station for Clinical Function Oct 01, 2000 Herman Miller for Healthcare
Future Issues and Trends in Design of Women's Healthcare Facilities Oct 01, 2000 Kristi Walvrood
Wellness and the Built Environment: An Exploration into Guerilla Architecture Oct 01, 2000 S.C. Anderson (A Center for Positive Health)
Worcester Medical Center: A New Model for Integrated Healthcare Services Oct 01, 2000 Scott Hicks
Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Jan 01, 2001 The American Institute of Architects Academy of Architecture for Health, Facility Guidelines Institute
Effects of Healthcare Environmental Design on Medical Outcomes Jan 01, 2001 Roger S. Ulrich
The Meaning and Perception of School Buildings Jan 01, 2001 Celen Pasalar (North Carolina University)
AIA R/UDAT: Buffalo, NY (2001) Mar 26, 2001 AIA Center for Communities by Design
The Integrated Approach: Cardiac Care as a Separate, but Integral Hospital Department Oct 01, 2001 Richard L. Miller, FAIA (Earl Swensson Associates), Harold D. Petty, AIA (Earl Swensson Associates), Sam W. Burnette, AIA (Earl Swensson Associates)
Beyond the Mock Up: The Value of Temporary Occupancy and Evaluation Oct 01, 2001 David R. Vincent, AIA, ACHA (HKS Inc.), Diane H. Tasian, Assoc. AIA (HKS Inc.), Daniel Stromberg, MD (Children's Medical Center, Dallas)
The Physical Environment as a Context of Teachers’ Work and School Reform Jan 01, 2002 Janice M. Siegel (University of California, Berkeley)
What Makes a Garden a Healing Garden? Jan 01, 2002 Ulrika A. Stigsdotter and Patrick Grahn
AIA R/UDAT: Springfield, IL (2002) Feb 28, 2002 AIA Center for Communities by Design
AIA R/UDAT: Springfield, OH (2002) Mar 11, 2002 AIA Center for Communities by Design
Healing Gardens: Creating Places for Restoration, Meditation, and Sanctuary Apr 29, 2002 Annalisa Gartman Vapaa
Natural Ventilation in Hospitals Jul 01, 2002 Maria Lejsgaard Myrup, Jesper Lundgard Olesen
Is It Healthy to Turn Green? Oct 01, 2002 Clark Kellogg (Gordon H Chong & Partners)
Turning Healthcare Green: A Case for Sustainable Healthcare Oct 01, 2002 Greg L. Roberts, AIA, CSI, CSS, ACHA (Watkins Hamilton Ross, Inc.)
You Need to be Adding Private Patient Rooms - Now! Oct 01, 2002 Gary L. Vance, AIA, ACHA (Continuum Solutions Consulting)
Inpatient Bed Need Planning -- Back to the Future? Oct 01, 2002 Margaret Woodruff (The Bristol Group)
Nature and Rate of Change in Clinical Laboratories Nov 01, 2002 Dina Battisto, David Allison