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Design Issues cover research projects that pertain to the art and science of creating and sustaining the built environment and include case studies of projects.

Title Datesort descending Author
A Computer-Aided Approach to Complex Building Layout Problems Jan 01, 1970 William J. Mitchell (University of California, Los Angeles)
Measurement of the Contrast Rendition Factor for Pencil Handwritten Tasks Apr 01, 1970 H. Richard Blackwell
AIA R/UDAT: Ely, MN (1970) Jul 20, 1970 AIA Center for Communities by Design
AIA R/UDAT: Davenport, IA (1970) Sep 14, 1970 AIA Center for Communities by Design
Veiling Reflection Control by Candlepower Distribution Oct 01, 1970 I. Lewin, J. W. Griffith
The Illuminant in the Prevention and Phototherapy of Hyperbilirubinemia Apr 01, 1971 Luke Thorington, L. Cunningham, J. Parascandola
The Effect of Background Luminance and Contrast upon Visual Search Performance Apr 01, 1971 Robert M. Boynton, Daniel E. Boss
AIA R/UDAT: Falls Church, VA (1971) May 17, 1971 AIA Center for Communities by Design
Visual Performance Data for 156 Normal Observers of Various Ages Oct 01, 1971 O. Mortenson Blackwell, H. Richard Blackwell
Measurement of Children's Preferences for the Play Envrionment Jan 01, 1972 Robert L. Bishop (TRANSITION, Aspen, Colorado), George L. Peterson (Northwestern University), Richard P. Michaels (Northwestern University)
Validity and Reliability of Ratings of Simulated Buildings Jan 01, 1972 R.W. Seaton (University of British Columbia), J.B. Collins (University of British Columbia)
Multi-Level Industrial Building: A Possible Incentive for Additional Central City Employment and Industrial Development Jan 01, 1972 William O. Lindow (William A. Gould and Associates, Cleveland, Ohio)
AIA R/UDAT: Fairfax County, VA (1972) Apr 24, 1972 AIA Center for Communities by Design
AIA R/UDAT: Clearwater, FL (1972) May 22, 1972 AIA Center for Communities by Design
AIA R/UDAT: Gainesville, GA (1972) Jun 05, 1972 AIA Center for Communities by Design
AIA R/UDAT: Butte, MT (1972) Jun 13, 1972 AIA Center for Communities by Design
The Value of User Evaluation Studies to the Design Process and Formula Financing Jan 01, 1973 Joan C. Simon (University of Guelph)
Building the Imagery of San Francisco: An Analysis of Controversy Over High-Rise Development, 1970-1971 Jan 01, 1973 Alcira Kreimer (University of California, Berkeley)
Workshop 12: Building Systems Jan 01, 1973 Gunter Schmitz (State University of New York at Buffalo)
An Integrated Methodology for Office Building Elevator Design Jan 01, 1973 Margaret A. Frederking (Carnegie Mellon University), Alton J. Penz (Carnegie Mellon University)
New Concepts in Direct Glare Control Apr 01, 1973 Ian Lewin
AIA R/UDAT: McMinnville, OR (1973) May 21, 1973 AIA Center for Communities by Design
Fluorescent Lamps with High Color-Discrimination Capability Oct 01, 1973 W. A. Thornton
Interim Study of Procedures for Investigating the Effect of Light on Impression and Behavior Oct 01, 1973 John E. Flynn, Terry J. Spencer, Osyp Martyniuk, Clyde Hendrick
Energy Consumption Building Performance Models Jan 01, 1974 William M. Lucas, Jr. (University of Kansas)