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Title Datesort ascending Author
Bridging Architecture & Psychology in the Learning Environment Sep 18, 2014 Eliana Weiner (Carnegie Mellon University)
Investigating the Effects of Sensory Cues on Sustainable Decision-Making and Pro-Environmental Purchases Sep 18, 2014 Sina Esteky (University of Michigan)
Case for an Architectural Singularity through Robotically Actuated Motion and Neuro-Sensensory User Interaction Sep 18, 2014 Guvenc Ozel (University of California, Los Angeles)
The Locksmith of Fascination: Resistance and Cognitive Stimulation in Architectural Space Sep 18, 2014 Daniel C Whittet, LEED AP BD&C EBOM, Assoc. AIA (AHA Consulting Engineers)
Posttraumatic Understanding: The Connections between Posttraumatic Stress and Environmental Design Sep 18, 2014 Matthew A. Finn, RA, NCARB, LEED AP (Perkins+Will)
Empathic and Embodied Imagination: Intuiting Life and Experience in Architecture Sep 18, 2014 Juhani Pallasmaa (Juhani Pallasmaa Architects)
An Architecture of Embodied Cognition: Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute Sep 18, 2014 Sarah Williams Goldhagen
The Inter-Related Relationship between Thermal Comfort, Indoor Air Quality and Students’ Cognitive Performance Sep 18, 2014 Riham Ahmed (University College London)
2013 Hay Award Team Presentation: Vision Science for Dynamic Architecture Sep 18, 2014 Sergei Gepshtein, Ph.D. (Salk Institute), Alex McDowell (University of Southern California), Greg Lynn (University of California at Los Angeles)
The Sense of Presence: Utilizing Emotional Feedback Sep 18, 2014 Carlo Pasini (University of Waterloo), Michael Persinger (Laurentian University), Philip Beesley (University of Waterloo)
Light-Dark Cycle in the Built Environment Sep 18, 2014 Satchidananda Panda, PhD (Salk Institute for Biological Studies), Frederick Marks, AIA (Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
ANFA 2014 Conference: Presenter Abstracts Sep 18, 2014 Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA)
Museum of Memory: An Analysis of How Museum Circulation Can Help Visitors Remember a Space Sep 18, 2014 Alvaro Alvarez (Cornell University)
A Study of a Neuro-Architectural Approach to Create Salutogenic Environments for Children Diagnosed with Autism Sep 18, 2014 Ayesha Ghazanfar (The University of Sheffield)
How Do You Feel Architecture? Heartbeats Induce Affinities with Virtual Interiors Sep 18, 2014 Isabella Pasqualini (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)), Olaf Blanke (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL); University Hospital of Geneva)
The Challenge of Adapting Neuroscience to the Needs of Architecture Sep 18, 2014 Michael A. Arbib, Ph.D. (University of Southern California)
Acoustics in Architecture: Are We Thinking Too Simplistically? Sep 18, 2014 Carl P. Giegold, FAIA, LEED AP (Threshold Acoustics LLC)
An fMRI-Based Exploration of Neural Correlates of the ‘Formal’ Environmental Attributes of Healthcare Settings Sep 18, 2014 Debajyoti Pati, PhD, FIIA, IDEC, LEED AP (Texas Tech University), Michael O’Boyle (Texas Tech University), Upali Nanda (HKS Architects), Jiancheng Hou (Texas Tech University), Hessam Ghamari (Texas Tech University), Robyn Bajema (American Art Resource)
A Five-Factor Model of Human Emotional Experience of the Physical World: Insights from Environmental Psychology Sep 18, 2014 Sally Augustin, PhD (Design with Science)
Visualizing the Invisible: Spatial Manipulations of the Olfactory Sense Sep 18, 2014 Avideh Haghighi (PJHM Architects), Anousheh Haghighi (University of California, Irvine)
Visual Impairment and Spatial Cognitive Neuroscience Sep 18, 2014 Michael J. Proulx, Ph.D. (University of Bath), Alexandra A. DeSousa (University of Bath), Achille Pasqualotto (Sabanci University), Martin I. Sereno (Birkbeck / UCL Neuroimaging Institute)
In Search of Beneficial Distractions: Exploring Restorative Environmental Distractions in Workplace Design Sep 18, 2014 Meredith Banasiak, M.Arch., Assoc. AIA (University of Colorado), Casey Lindberg, Ph.D., M.Arch. (HabLab), Brian Green M.S. Tech. Mgmt. (Work Environments), Marc G. Berman, Ph.D. (University of Chicago)
Will ‘Good’ Architecture Make Us More Creative? Examining the Role of Place in Creative Cognition Sep 18, 2014 Laura Healey Malinin, PhD, AIA (Colorado State University)
Towards User Personalized Environments: An Artistic Exploration Using an EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface Sep 18, 2014 Mirjana Prpa (Simon Fraser University), Svetozar Miucin (Simon Fraser University), Bernhard E. Riecke (Simon Fraser University)
fMRI Study of Architecturally-Induced Contemplative States Sep 18, 2014 Julio Bermudez, Ph.D. (The Catholic University of America), David Krizaj, Ph.D. (University of Utah), David Lipschitz, Ph.D. (University of Utah), Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, Ph.D. (University of Utah), Yoshino Nakamura, Ph.D. (University of Utah)