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Title Datesort ascending Author
Crafting Architectural Experiences: Exploring Memory Places Nov 28, 2016 Damineh Pegah Dehnadfar, LEED Green Associate (Perkins+Will)
Hotel of Memory: Interpreting Neuroscience to Design in a Memorable Guest Experience Sep 23, 2016 Alvaro Alvarez (Cornell University)
Age-related Cognitive Decline and Enriched Environments; Examining Real-time Psycho-spatial Dynamics Using Virtual Reality Sep 23, 2016 Laura Healey Malinin, Ph.D., AIA, EDAC (Colorado State University), Agnieszka (Aga) Burzynska, Ph.D. (Colorado State University)
Overview of Scientific Aspects of Spatial Cognition: Significance in Architectural Design Sep 23, 2016 Dishita Turakhia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Evolutionary Parametric Analysis for Optimizing Spatial Adjacencies Apr 06, 2015 Christopher Boon (Portland State University), Corey T. Griffin (Portland State University), Nicholas Papaefthimiou (ZGF Architects), Jonah Ross (ZGF Architects), Kip Storey (ZGF Architects)
Fieldwork in Ritual Reality: A Qualitative Method in Architectural Research Apr 06, 2015 Marja Sarvimäki (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Wearable Neuroimaging and Emotion Sep 18, 2014 Marissa Lindquist (Queensland University of Technology), Anthony Williams (University of Newcastle and Avondale College of Higher Education), Adekunle Oloyede (Queensland University of Technology)
The Role of Visual Attention in Architectural Design Sep 18, 2014 Audrey Lustig Michal, Ph.D. (Northwestern University), Michael Lustig (Michael Lustig Architects, Inc.)
Smell and the Architectural Experience Sep 18, 2014 Bijal K. Mehta, MD, MPH, MA (University of California, Los Angeles)
Visual Impairment and Spatial Cognitive Neuroscience Sep 18, 2014 Michael J. Proulx, Ph.D. (University of Bath), Alexandra A. DeSousa (University of Bath), Achille Pasqualotto (Sabanci University), Martin I. Sereno (Birkbeck / UCL Neuroimaging Institute)
The Urban Grid, the Hippocampus, Savannahs and Real Property Sep 18, 2014 M. Gordon Brown, DTech, FRICS (Space Analytics, LLC)
Making Architecture for the Multi Sensory Impaired: Presentation of Three Projects Sep 18, 2014 Alan Dunlop, FRIAS FRSA
The Psychology of Architectural and Urban Design: Sensor-Based Field Methods Based on Guided Walks Sep 18, 2014 Colin G. Ellard, Ph.D. (University of Waterloo), Vedran Dzebic (University of Waterloo)
Urban Sound Planning and Design – An Emerging Transdisciplinary Field of Research and Practice Sep 18, 2014 Nina Hallgren (Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design)