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Title Datesort descending Author
Aesthetics: A Source of Health Jul 01, 2005 Synnøve R. Caspari (Oslo University College)
Stress Reduction by Using Art in an Intensive Care Unit Jul 01, 2005 Åke Forsgren, BA
Managing Change: The Application of Open Building in the INO Bern Hospital Jul 01, 2005 Stephen Kendall, PhD, RA (Ball State University)
Hospital Design for Emotional and Cultural Needs Jul 01, 2005 Eberhard H. Zeidler, FRAIC, Hon. FAIA (Zeidler Grinnell Partnership)
Designing the Digital Reading Room Jul 01, 2005 Bill Rostenberg, FAIA, FACHA (Anshen + Allen Architects)
Step into the Patient Room of the Future Jul 01, 2005 Terri Zborowsky
Australian E-Guidelines for Health Facilities Workshop Design Jul 01, 2005 Jane Carthey
Workplace Re-Engineering in Hospital Jul 01, 2005 Sarita Chand (Bligh Voller Nield)
Psychosocially Supportive Design as a Theory and Model to Promote Health Jul 01, 2005 Alan Dilani, Ph.D. (International Academy for Design and Health)
Healthcare Facilities from Planning to Design Jul 01, 2005 Francesca Giofrè, Ph.D., Ferdinando Terranova (University of Rome)
The New Green Field Hospital in Ontario Jul 01, 2005 Tye S. Farrow, M.Sc.Arch.
Energy Saving Strategies for the New Design Meyer Children Hospital in Florence Jul 01, 2005 Marco Sala, Antonella Trombadore, Giuseppina Alcamo
Planning for Change: Hospital Design Theories in Practice Oct 01, 2005 Nirit Putievsky Pilosof (McGill University School of Architecture)
The Peaceful Garden Oct 01, 2005 Dana Pulis (James G. Shepard, AIA, and Alan S. Godfrey, AIA, CTA Architects Engineers)
New Standard of Practice for the Design of MRI Facilities Oct 01, 2005 Robert Junk, AIA (Junk Architects), Tobias Gilk
The Next Generation of Operating Rooms Oct 01, 2005 Naresh S. Mathur, AIA (HKS Inc.)
Small and Rural Hospitals: Critical Access and Beyond Oct 01, 2005 James G. Easter Jr., Assoc. AIA, FAAMA (Easter & Mason Healthcare Consulting Corp.)
HOSPITALity: Surgery Center Design for People, Not Procedures Oct 01, 2005 Charles A. Huber, Assoc. AIA (Hobbs & Black Associates Inc.), John S. Barker, AIA (Hobbs & Black Associates Inc.)
Creating a Culture of Patient Safety through Innovative Hospital Design Jan 01, 2006 John G. Reiling, St. Joseph's Hospital of West Bend, WI
Human and Environmental Health:Sustainable Design for the NICU Jan 01, 2006 A. Marshall-Baker, Department of Interior Architecture, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Values-Driven Design and Construction: Enriching Community Benefits through Green Hospitals Jan 01, 2006 Robin Guenther, FAIA, , Gail Vittori, Cynthia Atwood
Colour and lighting in hospital design Jun 01, 2006 Hilary Dalke, Jenny Little, Elga Niemann, Nilgun Camgoz, Guillaume Steadman, Sarah Hill
The Impact of Light on Outcomes in Healthcare Settings Aug 01, 2006 Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., Director of Research, The Center for Health Design
The Rules Are Changing: Healthcare Is Reinventing Itself Oct 01, 2006 Gary Vance, AIA, ACHA (BSA LifeStructures), Scott Radcliff, Assoc. AIA
A State-of-the-Future Surgical Platform at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Oct 01, 2006 Douglas Gordon, AIA (Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz)