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Title Datesort descending Author
Prismatic Globes and Reflectors Mar 01, 1902 Van Rensselaer Lansingh
Luminous Efficiency Feb 01, 1910 Herbert E. Ives
The Evolution of the Lamp Jan 01, 1914 Roscoe Scott
Coefficients of Utilization Mar 01, 1920 Ward Harrison, Earl A. Anderson
A Distribution Photometer of New Design Mar 01, 1923 C. C. Colby, Jr., C. M. Doolittle
Colored Lighting Feb 01, 1924 M. Luckiesh, A. H. Taylor
Color Temperature Classification of Natural and Artificial Illuminants Mar 01, 1928 Norman MacBeth
Glare and the Four Fundamental Factors in Vision Nov 01, 1928 P. W. Cobb, F. K. Moss
The New Science of Seeing Jan 01, 1930 M. Luckiesh, F. K. Moss
Two Photovoltaic Cell Photometers for Measurement of Light Distribution Jun 01, 1935 C. L. Dows, G. R. Baumgartner
Electrical Control for Varying Lighting Intensities Jan 01, 1936 S. R. McCandless, Fred M. Wolff
Characteristics of Fluorescent Lamps Jan 01, 1939 G. E. Inman
The Illuminant in Color Matching and Discrimination Mar 01, 1941 Dorothy Nickerson
Coefficients of Utilization for Luminaires with Concentrating Distributions Dec 01, 1951 J. R. Jones, John J. Neidhart
Fundamentals of Lighting Cost Analysis May 01, 1952 A. C. Barr, C. L. Amick
New Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Design for Rapid Starting Nov 01, 1952 A. E. Lemmers, W. W. Brooks
Dimming Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamps Jan 01, 1954 J. H. Campbell, H. E. Schultz, W. H. Abbott
Luminaire Light Distribution Principles Dec 01, 1955 Charles Rex
Computation of the Effective Intensity of Flashing Lights Dec 01, 1957 Charles A. Douglas
Measurement and Specification of Color Rendition Properties of Light Sources Feb 01, 1958 Dorothy Nickerson
Interreflections in Asymmetrical Rooms Mar 01, 1958 Philip F. O'Brien
Highway Lighting Without Glare - A New Lighting Technique Jan 01, 1959 W. M. Waldbaurer
A Versatile Method of Calculating Illumination and Brightness Feb 01, 1959 B. F. Jones, J. R. Jones
An Iodine Incandescent Lamp with Virtually 100 Percent Lumen Maintenance Dec 01, 1959 E. G. Zubler, F. A. Mosby
Visual Problems in Streets and Motorways May 01, 1962 J. M. Waldram