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Healthcare Facilities range from clinics to hospitals.

Title Datesort descending Author
Planning for Change: Hospital Design Theories in Practice Oct 01, 2005 Nirit Putievsky Pilosof (McGill University School of Architecture)
The Peaceful Garden Oct 01, 2005 Dana Pulis (James G. Shepard, AIA, and Alan S. Godfrey, AIA, CTA Architects Engineers)
A Form Full of Function: The Aesthetic of Efficiency and the Planning of German Outpatient Treatment Centers Oct 01, 2005 Scott McCuen Koytek (kšln), Georg P. MŸller
Incorporating Patient-Safe Design into the Guidelines Oct 01, 2005 Kenneth N. Dickerman, AIA, ACHA, FHFI (Leo A. Daly Co.), Igal Nevo, MD (Center for Patient Safety), Paul Barach, MD, MPH (Jackson Memorial Hospital and University of Miami Medical School)
New Standard of Practice for the Design of MRI Facilities Oct 01, 2005 Robert Junk, AIA (Junk Architects), Tobias Gilk
The Next Generation of Operating Rooms Oct 01, 2005 Naresh S. Mathur, AIA (HKS Inc.)
Small and Rural Hospitals: Critical Access and Beyond Oct 01, 2005 James G. Easter Jr., Assoc. AIA, FAAMA (Easter & Mason Healthcare Consulting Corp.)
HOSPITALity: Surgery Center Design for People, Not Procedures Oct 01, 2005 Charles A. Huber, Assoc. AIA (Hobbs & Black Associates Inc.), John S. Barker, AIA (Hobbs & Black Associates Inc.)
The Impact of Single Family NICU Rooms Jan 01, 2006 Debra D. Harris, Ph.D., Mardelle McCuskey Shepley, D. Arch, Robert White, M.D.
Role of the Physical and Social Environment in Promoting Health, Safety, and Effectiveness in the Healthcare Workplace Jan 01, 2006 Anjali Joseph, PhD, EDAC
Creating Safe and Healthy Spaces: Selecting Materials That Support Healing Jan 01, 2006 Mark Rossi, PhD, Tom Lent
Human and Environmental Health:Sustainable Design for the NICU Jan 01, 2006 A. Marshall-Baker, Department of Interior Architecture, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Creating a Culture of Patient Safety through Innovative Hospital Design Jan 01, 2006 John G. Reiling, St. Joseph's Hospital of West Bend, WI
Values-Driven Design and Construction: Enriching Community Benefits through Green Hospitals Jan 01, 2006 Robin Guenther, FAIA, , Gail Vittori, Cynthia Atwood
Impact of Light on Outcomes in Healthcare Settings Jan 01, 2006 Anjali Joseph, PhD, EDAC
Project profile: Immaculate Heart of Mary Motherhouse Apr 30, 2006 AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE)
Project profile: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing and Student Community Center Apr 30, 2006 AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE)
Colour and lighting in hospital design Jun 01, 2006 Hilary Dalke, Jenny Little, Elga Niemann, Nilgun Camgoz, Guillaume Steadman, Sarah Hill
Impact of the Environment on Infections in Healthcare Facilities Jul 01, 2006 Anjali Joseph, PhD, EDAC
Leading Techniques for Energy Savings in Healthcare Facilities Aug 01, 2006 Schneider Electric
The Impact of Light on Outcomes in Healthcare Settings Aug 01, 2006 Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., Director of Research, The Center for Health Design
Health Promotion by Design in Long-Term Care Settings Aug 01, 2006 Anjali Joseph, Ph.D.
Redefining Healthy Food: An Ecological Health Approach to Food Production, Distribution, and Procurement Sep 01, 2006 Jamie Harvie, PE
Toward an Ecological View of Health: An Imperative for the Twenty-First Century Sep 01, 2006 Ted Schettler, MD, MPH
First, Do No Harm Sep 01, 2006 Gary Cohen