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Healthcare Facilities range from clinics to hospitals.

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The Right Context to Invest in Medical Gas Ceiling Booms Apr 01, 2008 James Thomas, M.D. (Critical Care Services), Sunni Thomas, R.N., BS (Children’s Medical Center Dallas), Debajyoti Pati, Ph.D., AIIA (HKS), Jennie Evans, R.N. (HKS), Laurie Waggener, RRT AAHID (HKS)
Taking Care of Nurses Mar 10, 2008 Terry Ritchey, MBA, RN, Debajyoti Pati, PhD, AIIA, Tom Harvey Jr., AIA, MPH, FACHA
Study Devises Ways to Shorten Steps and Give Nurses More Time Mar 01, 2008 Debajyoti Pati, Ph.D., AIIA
Functional/Flexibility: Nine attributes of adaptable hospital spaces Feb 01, 2008 Tom E. Harvey Jr., AIA, FACHA, Debajyoti Pati, Ph.D., AIIA
Business Case for Building Better Hospitals Through Evidence-Based Design Jan 01, 2008 Blair L. Sadler, JD, Jennifer R. DuBose, MS, Eileen B. Malone, RN, MSN, Craig M. Zimring, PhD
Relationships Between Exterior Views and Nurse Stress: An Exploratory Examination Jan 01, 2008 Debajyoti Pati, PhD, MASA, AIIA, Tom E. Harvey Jr., AIA, FACHA, MPH, Paul Barach, MD, MPH
Guide to Evidence-Based Art Jan 01, 2008 Kathy Hathorn, Upali Nanda
Impact of Healthcare Environmental Design on Patient Falls Jan 01, 2008 Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi, Ph.D. , Margaret P. Calkins, Ph.D.
Culture Change and Facility Design: A Model for Joint Optimization Jan 01, 2008 D. Kirk Hamilton, FAIA, FACHA, Robin Orr, MPH, W. Ellen Raboin, MBS, MSOD, MAHOS
Integrating Formalized User Experience within Building Design Models Dec 31, 2007 Debajyoti Pati, Godfried Augenbroe
Healing Architecture: Daylight in Hospital Design Nov 05, 2007 S. ARIPIN
The Design of Psychologists' Offices: A Qualitative Evaluation of Environment-Function Fit Nov 01, 2007 Nicholas J. Watkins, PhD (Cannon Design), Kathryn H. Anthony, PhD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Rebranding Services and Facilities at a Community Hospital for Improved Satisfaction Nov 01, 2007 Greg Heiser, AIA (OWP/P), Jocelyn Stroupe, IIDA, AAHID
Designing for Family-Centered Care in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit: Designing for the Future Nov 01, 2007 James F. Padbury, MD (Women & Infants Hospital and Brown University), Johan Verspyck, AIA (Anshen+Allen+Rothman)
Health and Nature: The Influence of Nature on Design of the Environment of Care Oct 01, 2007 Jerry Smith, ASLA, LEED AP
Wayfinding: Design for Understanding Oct 01, 2007 Barbara J. Huelat, AAHID, ASID, IIDA
Limiting the Spread of Infection in the Health Care Environment Apr 01, 2007 Mary G. Lankford, Susan Collins, Larry Youngberg, Denise M. Rooney, John R. Warren, Gary A. Noskin
Natural Ventilation for the Prevention of Airborne Contagion Feb 27, 2007 A. Roderick Escombe , Clarissa C Oeser, Robert H Gilman, Marcos Navincopa, Eduardo Ticona, William P
Healing Gardens in Hospitals Jan 01, 2007 Clare Cooper Marcus, Professor Emeritus Architecture and Landscape Architecture, UC Berkeley
Sound Control for Improved Outcomes in Healthcare Settings Jan 01, 2007 Anjali Joseph, PhD, EDAC, Roger Ulrich, PhD
Outpatient / Ambulatory Care Facilities Jan 01, 2007 Cathryn Bang
The Rules Are Changing: Healthcare Is Reinventing Itself Oct 01, 2006 Gary Vance, AIA, ACHA (BSA LifeStructures), Scott Radcliff, Assoc. AIA
A State-of-the-Future Surgical Platform at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Oct 01, 2006 Douglas Gordon, AIA (Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz)
Universal Design for the Rural Environment Oct 01, 2006 Lee Buckner, AIA (BBH Design), Dan Hightower, AIA
Medical Facility Planning 101: A Primer for Administrators and Others Oct 01, 2006 Donald C. Axon, FAIA, FACHA, FHFI, FRSH