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Design Issues cover research projects that pertain to the art and science of creating and sustaining the built environment and include case studies of projects.

Title Datesort ascending Author
Light Flux Distribution in a Rectangular Parallelepiped and its Simplifying Scale Mar 01, 1946 Kiyosi Hisano
Glare Ratings Sep 01, 1945 Ward Harrison
The Illuminant in Color Matching and Discrimination Mar 01, 1941 Dorothy Nickerson
The Calculation of Illumination from Sun and Sky Apr 01, 1940 E. Elvegard, G. Sjostedt
Characteristics of Fluorescent Lamps Jan 01, 1939 G. E. Inman
New Color Corrected Photronic Cells for Accurate Light Measurements Sep 01, 1936 Marlin E. Fogle
Characteristics of 400-Watt and 250-Watt Type H Mercury Lamps Jun 01, 1936 J. A. St. Louis
Electrical Control for Varying Lighting Intensities Jan 01, 1936 S. R. McCandless, Fred M. Wolff
Two Photovoltaic Cell Photometers for Measurement of Light Distribution Jun 01, 1935 C. L. Dows, G. R. Baumgartner
Aluminum for Reflectors May 01, 1934 Junius D. Edwards
The New Science of Seeing Jan 01, 1930 M. Luckiesh, F. K. Moss
Glare and the Four Fundamental Factors in Vision Nov 01, 1928 P. W. Cobb, F. K. Moss
Color Temperature Classification of Natural and Artificial Illuminants Mar 01, 1928 Norman MacBeth
Glare and Visibility Mar 01, 1925 M. Luckiesh, L. L. Halladay
Colored Lighting Feb 01, 1924 M. Luckiesh, A. H. Taylor
Depreciation of Lighting Equipment Due to Dust and Dirt Jan 01, 1924 Earl A. Anderson, James M. Ketch
Daylight Illumination on Horizontal, Vertical and Sloping Surfaces May 01, 1923 H. H. Kimball
A Distribution Photometer of New Design Mar 01, 1923 C. C. Colby, Jr., C. M. Doolittle
Coefficients of Utilization Mar 01, 1920 Ward Harrison, Earl A. Anderson
Planning for Daylight and Sunlight in Buildings Jan 01, 1914 L. B. Marks, J. E. Woodwell
The Evolution of the Lamp Jan 01, 1914 Roscoe Scott
The Lighting of A Large Store Mar 01, 1911 Clarence L. Law, Albert Jackson Marshall
Some Spectral Luminosity Curves Obtained by Flicer and Equality of Brightness Photometers Nov 01, 1910 Herbert E. Ives
Photometric Units and Nomenclature Jun 01, 1910 Edward B. Rosa
Luminous Efficiency Feb 01, 1910 Herbert E. Ives