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Universal Design in Architectural Education: Who is Doing It? How is It Being Done? Apr 06, 2015 Megan Basnak (University at Buffalo—The State University of New York), Beth Tauke (University at Buffalo—The State University of New York), Sue Weidemann (University at Buffalo—The State University of New York)
Systems Thinking at the Get Go Apr 06, 2015 Ray Mann (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Comparative Analysis of Architectural Education Standards across the World Apr 06, 2015 Suchismita Bhattacharjee (University of Oklahoma), Shivashish Bose (Jadavpur University)
Urban Healthcare Apr 06, 2015 Kevin Moore (Auburn University), Christian Dagg (Auburn University)
Fusion of Teaching and Research: Design Support Tools and Vegetated Walls Apr 06, 2015 Kenneth Black (Virginia Tech), James Jones (Virginia Tech), Mario Cortes (Virginia Tech), Elizabeth Grant (Virginia Tech)
Sensory Informed Design: Human Processes and Emerging Sensory Tools Apr 06, 2015 Diana Nicholas (Drexel University), James E. Connell (Drexel University), Jennifer Plumb (Drexel University)
The Promenade of the Street: A Spatio-temporal Framework for Design Apr 06, 2015 Mark Blizard (University of Texas at San Antonio), Curtis Fish (University of Texas at San Antonio)
Architecture at the Edge of Practice: A Pedagogical Approach to Social Architectural Education Apr 06, 2015 Nkemakonam P. Okofu (University of Sheffield, UK)
Intern Architects in the Academy: Preparing for Future Practice Apr 06, 2015 Caryn Brause (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Beyond Tutorials: Using Active Learning to Improve Computational Design Instruction Apr 06, 2015 Nick Senske (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Collaborative Solid Wood Construction Case Study Apr 06, 2015 Erin Carraher (University of Utah), Jörg Rügemer (University of Utah)
Collaborative Leadership: A Field Theory for Architectural Practice Apr 06, 2015 Ryan Smith (University of Utah), Erin Carraher (University of Utah)
New Perspectives and Future Directions of BIM Workflows: From Digital Tectonic to Digital Fabrication and Assemblage Apr 06, 2015 Awilda Rodriguez Carrion (Oklahoma State University)
Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Programming Research in the Design Studio Apr 06, 2015 Gregory Stroh (Kent State University)
Integrating Architectural Research within Interdisciplinary Global Studies Apr 06, 2015 Phoebe Crisman (University of Virginia)
Fast Houses in the United States Apr 06, 2015 Lisa M. Tucker (Virginia Tech)
Toward Optimization and Performance: Assessing Architectural Design through Microcontrollers Apr 06, 2015 Pasquale De Paola (Louisiana Tech University)
Leveraging Data in Academia and Practice: Geometry, Human- and Building-performance Apr 06, 2015 Randall Deutsch (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Passive House Informed: The Next Level of Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing Apr 06, 2015 Amanda Donofrio (Bergsund DeLaney Architecture & Planning), Mike Magee (Bergsund DeLaney Architecture & Planning), Julie Romig (Bergsund DeLaney Architecture & Planning)
Designed for Performance: A Collaborative Research Studio Rethinks Glass Curtain Wall Systems Apr 06, 2015 Michael D. Gibson (Kansas State University)
Questioning the Role of Online Education in the Architectural Design Studio Apr 06, 2015 Craig Griffen (Philadelphia University)
Recalibrated: An Interdisciplinary, Studio-based Study of Massive Timber for Student Housing Apr 06, 2015 Dustin Albright (Clemson University)
Research-based Design as Translational Research between the Academy and Practice Apr 06, 2015 Corey T. Griffin (Portland State University)
Diffusion of Innovation: Neuroscience & Architecture from Pedagogy to Practice Sep 18, 2014 Eve A. Edelstein, Ph.D. (University of Arizona), Caren L. Sax (San Diego State University)
Speaking Space: Developing a Cognitive Language for Architects Sep 18, 2014 Milton Shinberg, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP (The Catholic University of America)