BEST4 Proceedings

BEST4 Building Enclosure Science and Technology conference

The BEST4 Conference, held in Kansas City on April 13-15, 2015, is the fourth in the series of Building Enclosure Science and Technology conferences. The BEST conferences bring together building industry professionals to share information on building communities, structures, and systems designed for high energy efficiency, good indoor climate and long-term performance. They are conducted by the National Institute of Building Sciences Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) in concert with its Building Enclosure Council (BEC) chapter network. For more information, visit

Table of Contents

Session 1 Plenary

Chair: Philip Schneider, AIA

Session 2.1 Commissioning and Quality Management in Design

Chair: Brian Stroik

Session 2.2 Next Generated of Integrated Enclosures

Chair Mark Bombberg, D Sci, Tech D

Session 3.1 Living Buidling Challenge

Chair: Jim Hanford

3.2 Forum: Performance Testing for QA and Commissioning

Jan Kosny, PhD, moderator

4.1 Design Considerations

Dudley McFarquahar, PE

Session 4.2 Fenestration 2

Stanley Yee, Chair

Session 5 BEC-sponsored Plenary Session: Form Versus Function.

David Herron, AIA, moderator

Session 6.1 Smoldering Issues of
Fire Performance Evaluation

Richard Keleher, FAIA

Session 6.2 Fenestration

William Du Pont

Session 7.1 New Masonry Materials

Dariusz Gawin, D Sci, PhD

Session 7.2 Glazing and Fenestration

Stanley Yee

Session 8.1 Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: Management, IAQ, and Retrofits

Ali Fallahi, Chair

Session 8.2 The Active Side of Passive Houses

Stephanie Stubbs, Assoc. AIA, PMP

Banquet – Guest Speaker: Andre Desjarlais, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Session 9.1 Performance of Materials and Systems

Paul Totten, PE, Chair

Session 9.2 High-Performance, Ecological Building Envelopes

Mark Perepelitza, Chair

Session 10.1 Performance of Materials and Systems 2

Jan Kosny, Chair

Session 10.2 Evolving Enclosure Constructions

Michael Aoki-Kramer

Session 11.1 New Concepts for Walls

Sam Yuan, Chair

Session 11.2 Renovation and Repairs

David Yarbrough, Chair

Session 12.1 Evolving Enclosure Constructions 2

Marcin Pazera, Chair

Session 12.2 Insulation and PCM

Mario Medina, Chair

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