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Title Datesort descending Author
Greening North Knoxville: Visualizing Sustainability in Urban Conditions Dec 01, 2008 Ted Shelton, AIA (University of Tennessee)
Passageways / Portes et Passages Oct 12, 2009 Coleman A. Jordan, Muhsana Ali, Paula Gerstenblatt, Mamadou Sarr, Amadou Kane Sy
Guidelines for the Design of Sustainable Learning Laboratories that Teach Through Architecture Jun 01, 2010 Jim Jones Ph.D. (Virginia Tech)
The Teaching of Research and the Research on Teaching: Two Frameworks and Their Overlay in Architectural Education Jun 23, 2010 Leonard R. Bachman (University of Houston)
Architectural Research and Representation: Expressing Sense of Place through Storyboarding and Animatics Jun 23, 2010 Carmen Aroztegui (Universidad del Bio Bio, Chile; UFMG, Brazil), Irina Solovyova (University of Texas at San Antonio), Upali Nanda (American Art Resources)
The Other Half of the Project: The Need for Labor Research in Architectural Theory and Pedagogy Jun 23, 2010 Sarah Roszler (Northeastern University)
Critical and Hermeneutic Inquiry: A Feminist Approach to Architectural Discourse Jun 23, 2010 Angela Person (The University of Oklahoma), Thomas Cline (The University of Oklahoma)
Pedagogical Insight from Complementary Fields: Engaging Sustainability through Environmental Education and Curriculum Theory Jun 23, 2010 Traci Rose Rider (North Carolina State University)
Basic Design Studio: An Ongoing Research Jun 23, 2010 Ar. Sushama Parashar (BKPS College of Architecture, India)
Those Wicked Dead White Men: Using “Countertexts” in Architectural History Courses Jun 23, 2010 Wayne Michael Charney (Kansas State University)
Epistemic Space / Spatial Knowledge Jun 23, 2010 Andri Gerber (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Tina Unruh (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
Extended Drawing Within (Embryonic) Design Processes Jun 23, 2010 Robin Schaeverbeke (Sint Lucas, Belgium)
The Pedagogy of Place: A Practical Approach to Engaging with Urban Design Lessons beyond the Studio Jun 23, 2010 Saul Golden (University of Ulster)
Performance Driven Design and Prototyping: Design Computation and Fabrication Dec 06, 2011 Ming Tang, LEED AP BD+C (University of Cincinnati), Ajla Aksamija, PhD, LEED AP BD+C, CDT (Perkins+Will), Michael Hodge, MARCH, AIAA, ACADIA (Perkins+Will), Jonathon Anderson, MFA, ACADIA, IDEC (University of North Carolina Greensboro)
Cultivating a Culture for Neuro‐architecture: Developing Strategies and Models for Education Sep 20, 2012 Meredith Banasiak, MArch (University of Colorado), Margaret R. Tarampi, MS, Assoc. AIA (University of Utah)
Cultivating a Culture for Neuro-Architecture: Linking Cognitive Science to Architectural Experience in Design Education Sep 20, 2012 Meredith Banasiak (University of Colorado, Boulder)
The Research-Design Interaction: Lessons Learned from an Evidence-Based Design Studio Jan 08, 2013 Saif Haq, Debajyoti Pati
2012 AIA/NCARB Internship and Career Survey Apr 11, 2013 The American Institute of Architects, National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB)
Main Street Connectivity: Patterns and Processes Linking Urban Commercial Patches May 01, 2013 Edward A. Shriver, FAIA (Strada), Özge Diler, Rami el Samahy
Use of Augmented-Reality in Teaching Energy Efficiency: Prototype Development and Testing Feb 12, 2014 Hazem Rashed-Ali (The University of Texas at San Antonio), John Quarles (The University of Texas at San Antonio), Carmen Fies (The University of Texas at San Antonio), Levi Sanciuc (The University of Texas at San Antonio)
Hand to Mouse: Integrated Technology Laboratory in Undergraduate Architectural Education Feb 12, 2014 Ulrike Passe (Iowa State University), Kristin Nelson (Iowa State University)
Intersection of Understanding: The Digital, Tactile and Physical in Fabric Architecture Feb 12, 2014 Anna Kindt (University of Oregon), Amy Fisher (University of Oregon), Erin Fox (University of Oregon), Mark Donofrio (University of Oregon)
Changing Mindsets: A Passive-first Artificial Sky Feb 12, 2014 Bruce Haglund (University of Idaho), Emilie Edde (University of Idaho), Daniel Flesher (University of Idaho), Brenda Gomez (University of Idaho)
Testing and Evaluating Sustainable Design Practices Feb 12, 2014 Olga Bannova, Maria Nystrom, Paula Femenias, Pernilla Hagbert, Larry Toups
Privacy, Security and Dignity: POE of Safe Haven Dorm Partition Environment Feb 12, 2014 David Kratzer (Philadelphia University)